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General information

 This project is based on a pre-research conducted in 2012-2013 within the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Lorraine (MSH-Lorraine), « The Minutes of the Bureau of Longitudes (1795-1930): history and knowledge » and then pursued in 2015 with another project MSH-Lorraine described on this page. Then it has been supported by the Bibliothèque scientifique numérique and the Agence Nationale de la recherche. Further information on currently research activities is available on the project's blog: https://histbdl.hypotheses.org/.

Information on Digitization

The Centre des Archives du Nord (CADN) carries out the digitization using a heritage scanner Zeutschel model OS 14000 A1 equipped with compensating plates. This is a color scan (24 bits per pixel) RVB in 400 DPI. The preservation files are Tiff V6 compression LZW, while the broadcast files online are jpg in 400 DPI, compression 7/12.

Single page digitized is done in an "object" logic (full scanning, blank pages and binding elements included). For a sake of readability for linked volumes mounted on a tab, a cache has been chosen in sort to hide the environment (including the entries of the following and previous pages).